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First of all

With these pages I want to introduce our 4-legged friends and tell you everything that is NOT found in the various sites , what anyone tells you. All these practical tips that all shiba's owner must know. Obviously in this you can read advice were born with my experience with Shiba INu. Before taking one of my policies, I invite you to always talk to your vet . It is said that what is fine to me may be fine for you.

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The Character

Do you like children? Then the Shiba Inu for you. Having a Shiba Inu is like having a baby. It's smart, very intelligent, loyal, brave, clean, tidy, dogs but at most loving thing is customizing the american Teddy Bear. Is a typical dog that when you came back home makes you a million parties and I can assure you that after a hard day's work is the anti stress par excellence. He understands everything on the fly and is capricious as a child does not want to do one thing. But if you find the right motivation is the most obedient dog in the world. If you call and you want that you have to give a reason as it should be. Play with it always, always make him lots of cuddles him and there will be 10 times as many. Remember that much becomes attached to the family and that will be your faithful companion for life. Essentially it is a hunting dog, therefore expect some present occasionally. Very friendly with all people, I've never been refused a caress, extremely quiet, if it barks immediately get questions. Here is considered a pet dog or expo, but in Japan, the US and Scandinavia is used for agility and obbedience as a dog very, very smart. Good guardian of your own home and immediately notifies the owner of any intruders. She loves to play with kids, a great baby sitter as cheerful, friendly, jovial and festive with people who believed friends.

Why Not

We call ourselves a ethics house of Shiba Inu. We did not box, we do not have cages or spaces reserved for our Shiba Inu during all the days, but they live with us, in the same spaces, share with us the moments of life. We could fit a definition of farming Amateur, amateur because it is not an obligation , a job but the desire to make culture or emerge the true characteristics of the Shiba Inu. We bring our Shiba Inu in different races because it's good for us to be together with other owners of Shiba Inu. The puppies are part of us and we want the new owners adopt our quality standards.

One small Story

In my life I have had several dogs such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers. I have always loved as children but I felt that something was missing. All the people who said to have a German shepherd answered me: "an intelligent dog, attentive and territorial". On close and territorial could agree on the intelligent but I came to the assistance the parade topped by continuous barking and ran, the arrival of the baker. And I wondered: "So smart, but has not yet realized that there is a thief?". The fact is that between a sitting and a ground I managed to train them and wondered "but it's smart or easy to subdue?". To make you short the German shepherd is gone and I had promised not to take other dogs. But one day I saw a puppy Shiba Inu, and it was love at first sight.

Base Rules

You have to have the wrist like a child, only your Shiba Inu has four legs and you only two. When gets one thing right tell him that he's good, caress and play with it, but when it's a bad thing tell him his voice strong and determined a nice NO. If you decide to pick him up, but your Shiba Inu understands and turns in the opposite direction and runs, Brand verbally of NO with repetition and you have to run after us until you take it for half an hour. If you do not he won and you're dead. You have to make him understand that when you say one thing he needs to do. In six Shiba Inu helped also by the tail. If the tail is low it means that he does not want to do a certain thing, or is not in the mood. If the tail is high it means that it is fine. In my case I just see the pesticide for mosquitoes tail falls down and starts walking the other way. Now walking because he understood that running is useless just wasted energy because it can not run all day. We say that manifests his dissent unnecessarily, but we try. When you take it let him lots of cuddles and tell him good, in my case I apply the product and then I make him lots of cuddles. The Shiba Inu, especially females Shiba Inu is a bit 'so touchy and so for the first 5 minutes of pampering tail down and nose it turns out that all the parties in the direction of your eyes. But then he goes and comes back as before. What you say has his temper but how affectionate and cuddly is a Shiba Inu? Lot. Do not get pity about please. You have to give very precise rules and those are. When wrong correct it immediately.

Shiba Inu

13/03/2015 -International Race of Reggio Emilia
“Body Perfect, correct tune, well formed, nice form chest, correct angulation, nice movement”

Ice on Fire Incipita Vita, Junior Italian Champion, Best young Female / 2 Shiba Inu female of race.
Giudge Ridarcikova Gabriela (SK)