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Shiba Inu Puppy
Shiba Inu Puppy

Shiba Inu - Kennel,fence,house

Even the Shiba has to have his house his space where you can lock up safe from everything and everyone, when it rains, when you leave home or pied overnight. Outlined a well defined area where it can feel comfortable. One solution is to buy furniture fences for dogs that are mounted in a few minutes. Do not make the bullshit to buy recintini one meter high on EBAY Chinese manufacturing. Take the good ones for large dogs. The Shiba Inu is an excellent climber; it takes a day but the way to jump the fence finds. Get one rated at least 150 cm tall. If you opt for the fence fixed, one with stakes driven into the ground to understand, buy network with small-mesh type 5 cm to 5 cm high and maybe two meters so that it does not cost much more than 150 cm. Do not underestimate it. I repeat, is an excellent climber. Consider that a puppy can safely go in mesh size 15cm to 10cm, therefore you do. Beware that slowly climbs to the top. The shiba is a dog very sensitive to humidity and water he likes the right. Therefore its kennel must be in a place elevated from the ground and must be protected from the weather. A solution that I see that many have adopted is the purchase of a recintino in which delineate an area of ​​the garage (for example) or other area of ​​your home, a bed covered with cloth on a comfortable couch where the Shiba Inu may rest with comfortable. Inside the recintino put ciottola with croquettes and a mixing bowl for water.

Define Shiba space and his protect zone

Shiba Inu Puppy 13 days

Shiba Inu - Outdoor Living

A trainer once told me, "The dog goes treated like a dog and not by dogs." This means that dogs are not born to live in the house, but to live out in the open. First, the real hair of the Shiba Inu is seen in the cold months in which puts the suit winter and becomes a "plush terry". Of course if you keep it at home and not out in the cold (for you but not for him) will be a little 'difficult. Many breeders define the suit summer "naked" or better said also stripped naked shiba. It must be said that the Shiba Inu loses his hair like all dogs and during molting is a bit 'a massacre. I recommend that you buy a good vacuum cleaner if you decide to make it live in the house. The Shiba Inu is a dog a little armchairs to be stimulated otherwise you find yourself sleeping hours. To my opinion, the best thing to do is live in the open and lock him in a covered area in case of rain, you to open the gate, come the guests who do not like dogs, and to make him sleep at night.

The dog should be treated like a dog

Shiba Inu Puppies 7 week

Shiba Inu - Carrier - Tips

I recommend you buy one especially for carrying it around in the car. You can take those drives or those fabric. Those fabric cost half, they go very well for dogs like the Shiba and especially being foldable, very comfortable and lighter weight than rigid. They come in many types and many brands but I see that many breeders use those of Ferplast as they have a value for money very, very good. Abituatelo as a child to stay in the cage. The same carrier can also be used as a kennel for your Shiba inu, although not very consigliuo. If you have a car with a luggage not very large, consider the idea of ​​overthrowing the back seat and put the crate in the car. Beware that the Shiba, like all dogs, lose hair and therefore the use of the carrier is also the best solution for those who do not want to clean the car after every trip. For this reason also discourage the harness with the hook to the seat belt, however, I understand that in some cases can be very comoda.Coprite always the seats or the trunk with a cloth, 'cause of hair, although very little, loses and is more 'comfortable slamming a blanket that aspire seats.

Buy one carrier for your Shiba