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Why Ask the pedigree

Let's start with a very simple premise. A pedigree from the presentation of the various modules ENCI its issue costs about € 30.00 to € 50.00 by the maximum when goes wrong. This does not justify the formulas of hyper mega discount that are on the internet if you buy a Shiba without pedigree. If you do not believe me I suggest you contact the section Enci nearest you before buying a puppy. How come all these discounts seen the low costs of the issue of a pedigree? Very often are Shiba Inu sons of mares in intensive breeding, female Shiba Inu that are closed for three months in a box with the little ones and the only goal is to create Shiba Inu. Often these farms are sites abroad but also in Italy there are these types of farming although they are very few. In addition to the ethical and moral discourse, the mares do not know what it means to love and warmth of a master. Here that transmit these fears and hardships to the puppies that become unbalanced sometimes very fearful and even aggressive. Are owned by people who buy the puppy to 300.00 € abroad and then resell it to 800,00 € in Italy. Often parents have pedigree "Not for breading" therefore not good for reproduction, then, that they have problems and have been discarded. The Shiba is not good for reproduction or expo as they have dysplasia eye diseases are sold by farmers with pedigree "not for breading." There are people who buy these mares and give birth even if they were declared not good for reproduction. Obviously they can not register the litter as a pedigree of this kind you can not record anything. Here they can not produce the pedigree. Shiba with dysplasias are usually large or genetic diseases that can be transmitted to check puppies. Do not underestimate it because it is small as a dog because often I see people buying Shiba problems with knee or hip dysplasia.

The Price for puppy of Pedigree is 30€
Buy Only With PEDIGREE
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NO Pedigree NO Warranty

Always ask the pedigree which is your guarantee of reliability. Without pedigree you have to hope that the dog is healthy because you can not claim damages to the owner in any way. Only pedigree is proof of purchase of the dog that lets the end of rivalervi 100% on any issues of your Shiba Inu puppy. So many people tell me that you just pay by bank. No sir, in the case of genetic diseases is not enough but the bank serves the pedigree to go back to the parents. Do not fall into the trick to make you show your mother and father in place to give you the pedigree because many do you see the dogs they want, as much as you do you know that that subject is the real father? The only certainty is the mother who apparently does not have to be a female perfect but at least have the faces of a female who gave birth to a minimum of 2 months ago; So breasts and swollen belly. If you go to take a puppy and there is no visible mother do not take it. Risk of taking a puppy with serious character issues. The mother must always be present, but always with the puppy and visible.


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Shiba Inu - Buy One Puppy

First, mind you who sells you a puppy without pedigree and cash. I invite you to reclaim the full amount even if it is not enough to prove the sale. Always pay with traceable methods. In case of problems of the puppy is the only way to retaliate against those who sold you the dog. If sued who sold you the dog without a pedigree and a receipt of payment (there must be both), stay at home and save money. You will never find anybody that in the face of all this tells you "you have given me the dog and answer any problems." Therefore, by virtue of the affection you have for the puppy, only the price of the Shiba Inu puppy, you will find yourself a lawyer and medical expenses. Always remember that the Italian law your puppy is something like an appliance. So who will sell the dog may change in case of problems. But you would you replace your puppy to which site loyal? The answer of course is no. So in order to avoid unpleasant surprises do not go looking for low cost puppies or best prices. You are not buying a vacuum cleaner of a famous brand that what is and what remains wherever you will you purchase. You are purchasing a living thing but for the Italian law is one thing. In the internet you will find many articles and extremes of law about which I'm not here to bring.

Ask the Pedigree and pay with Bank Transfer.

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2 Type of Pedigree: ROI e RSR

The Italian Champion has two types of studbooks So there are two types of pedigree: ROI (before LOI) and RSR (before LIR) .In ROI "studbook Italian" includes Shiba Inu who have four generations minimum. The pedigree of the ROI is pink in color and have only dogs sons of dogs with pedigree.Nel register RSR "register additional recognized" there are the Shiba Inu who have less than four generations. The pedigree RSR is green. I tell you this 'cause many buy the Shiba abroad by individuals who sell it to 300 € without pedigree, take him to Italy for ways not entirely legal, enrolled him at the registry office and veterinary saying that' was given in Italian. Then go to exhibitions ENCI and do give the certificate of typicality 'and so' require pedigree RSR. At this point they do puppies with a male ROI and sell with Pedigree.

ONLY Pedigree ROI .