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To avoid paying that much a Shiba not worth it, I decided to give you some tips and advice. I see many Shiba "tarot" around and tarot define a Shiba Inu who does not respect the basic features of the standard FCI 257 of 06.16.1999. First of all the Shiba must respect the urajiro which is nothing more that needs to be disposed as the white color on the body of your Shiba. In a very small change in the Shiba coat should be whitish on the sides of the nose and cheeks, the bottom of the jaw and neck, chest, belly and the bottom of the tail and inside the legs. So if you propose a Shiba with legs all white do note that does not respect the Urajiro, so it is not a Shiba to 100% standard. If the chest is not white but is partly white note and make yourself do it for the first account that is a Shiba that can not be sold at full price. Usually these defects are on Shiba sold without pedigree. Beautiful white Shiba? All white seems the bear advertising. Here too, the white is the only color not permitted by the standard, so if you tell the story that are very rare, it is actually a Shiba flawed. The Shiba white is beautiful but realize that is wrong paid like the other puppies in red, black and tan, sesame, black-sesame, sesame-red (colors allowed by the FCI standard) because not admitted by the FCI standard. Another thing to look at is the teeth. Here you just shut up and watch your teeth. The Shiba must have a scissor bite of the teeth and must be arranged well in the same distance straight and not crooked. Obvious that the lack of several teeth is a problem. The Shiba does not have to be a puppy shy but joyful, with erect ears and tail vigorously rolled.

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And here you have arrived at the crossroads. Turn to the right or left turn? I therefore expo beauty contests with my Shiba or do obedience? The best thing is to take advice from a trainer that makes both obedience with his dogs that expo. Do not go to a trainer who is only obedience. Many of the rules that run counter to those of the expo. To make a short example, many want the dog does not look the treat herself getting obedience that goes against the rules of the expo as to fix the Shiba Inu gets with the treat. Eventually there happens that the Shiba sits down in front and if you do not understand a command related to obedience or if you have to put in place for the expo. Inquire by farmers in the area even if they are not afraid of Shiba inu and knock on their door. Try to feel the group of civil protection of your country in that group of dog lovers makes reference and contact them. Or ask the Enci section you are referring to. Do not be afraid, the great thing about this world is that you will always find someone who will give you advice. Best if they are breeders of the FCI group 5 (see Chow Chow, Akita, foxy Italian, spitz) because surely have seen often Shiba parade because they are judged in the same ring.

Choose carefully your path Expo or Obedience.