Shiba Inu - Holly

Shiba Inu Female: HOLLY - Ice on Fire Incipita Vita

Shiba Inu - Holly

Daughter of the famous and award winning ultra world champion Takechiyo Go Enshuu Hirosesou and 'born on 01.18.2014 in the prestigious breeding Shiba Inu Amatsu kami kennel. The mother also derives it from the famous breeding world champion Itadaky Go and called Yukiko. Yukiko in his bloodline boasts other world champions, international champions, national champions and many other award-winning Japanese Shiba Inu. Holly and 'a Shiba very, very polite, very gentlemanly like features and behavior. And 'my princess. Character very malleable but knows' assert themselves. Rarely barks and is' very affectionate with everyone. On 13.03.2015 by winning the International Reggio Emilia gets the title FCI, JR ITALIAN CHAMPION (Young promise ENCI) As a final note Takechiyo Go Enshuu Hirosesou and 'also champion of Lithuania, Russia, RKF, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Monaco, France, Norway, Estonia, Champion of the Baltic Republics, Multi Champion, EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER 2006 WORLD JUNIOR VICE WINNER 2006 BEST MALE ON NORWAY SPECIALITY DOG SHOW`12, WORLD CHAMPION WINNER ON 2013

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Shiba Inu Ice on Fire Incipita Vita

Shiba Inu Holly

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