Vacuum cleaner animal hair dogs cats and shiba inu

Vacuum cleaner hair dogs cats shiba inu

Vacuum cleaner animal hair dogs cats shiba inu

Living at home with your dog is very beautiful and relaxing. Reading a book or consulting my notebook lying on the bed, massaging or cuddling one of my Shiba Inu relaxes me so much. Much less than certain breeds, but like all dogs even dogs of Shiba Inu breed free some hair here and there for the house and during the mute period becomes more than a few hairs. Cleaning the bedspreads of the house the rugs the same floor the sofa the cushions the beds the sofas the Vetbad (for those who use them) is done, but with a lot of elbow grease. With a normal vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner or any other method (see brushes) it does not clean well and you put a lot of time besides a lot of energy or elbow grease. For those who do not know what are the Vetbad I say that besides being very useful, they are hygienic and hypoallergenic blankets, with non-slip lining, insulate your dog from the cold and are machine washable. Very useful but to be cleaned with the brush take tens of minutes and then find that with the brush they are never cleaned well. At this point the best thing, if you want to keep any animal at home, is to equip yourself with a vacuum cleaner designed to suck dog hair on all surfaces. We tried the Kobold (R) of Vorwerk, I would say not bad but only sore point the price definitely high. So we have gone, given the price of € 130.00, towards the Black & Decker DVJ325BF a rechargeable vacuum cleaner equipped with a special brush called Pet System. I would say a real disappointment as the battery does not last 1 hour but much less and to reload it takes 4 hours. In addition, the Pet System accessory brush turned 5 seconds and then stopped. I decided to return it. We considered the Dyson AnimalPro, I would say a nice toy with many accessories but even here the price of about € 600.00 does not joke. Nothing to say cleans well but not quite. The real surprise we had with a German brand that I love very much famous for having fantastic products and also this time the product was worthy of esteem and name. Honey C3 CAT & DOG POWERLINE (attention you must ask the model Cat & Dog not others) is a product that costs about € 270, consists of many accessories just to remove the dog hair from carpets and fabrics. There are videos on the internet where there is a person who throws a series of powders (I think salt sugar flour and other) dog hair and more on a carpet. First cleans it well with a Dyson and then passes the honey and honey still aspires very dirty compared to the Dyson which also costs twice as much ... I tried it and I must say that in a short time you clean everything from carpets to floors and all the rest of the house. The Vetbad that are the most bastard rugs to clean makes them like new in 2 minutes. First you had to use the brush for endless minutes and the hairs did not come off everyone. Only thing is that the appliance of the Honey is a class C. Take the one with the bag and not the one without it that aspires much less. If you turn on the internet you can see that everywhere this vacuum cleaner has 5-star reviews and some 4-star reviews. For the bags exist on Amazon or Ebay those of competition that I have not tried because I use those of Honey but if anyone has some feedback about it, I willingly accept it. What to say if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner to suck up your dog's hair see Shiba Inu in our case the C3 CAT & DOG POWERLINE Honey has proved up to it. Ask for the C3 CAT & DOG I recommend not other models. Of course you can use it very well to vacuum the car as it has many small accessories for this use.