Shiba Inu Collar Leash

Shiba Collar Leash
Shiba expo Collar Leash

Shiba Inu Collar Leash

Welcome to hell in a good way of course. Arm yourself with calming of all kinds and lots of patience, but patience. If you get the urge to kill your puppy, you go to make a tour and then try again. As first tip, do not ever raised his voice with the puppy, do not let them never hurt. The puppy then associates collar and lead to a bad thing that gets hurt. To retrieve an injury like this then you put four times the time. And here comes the best part of the whole matter. The best thing would be to contact un'handler professional or bring your dog by your breeder that will teach you how to make it go on a leash. Usually with an explanation of two hours they teach you how to do after viewing the problems of your puppy. If times do you equip yourself calm so calm. The Shiba is an intelligent dog and like all the smart people will ask many questions. Why do I have to go right? Why can not I do what I want or go where I want it? The answer to be given to the dog is: because I am the leader of the pack, and for your sake and your own safety, do what I say. Easy to say, I know. First put him the collar. Buy one off not to choke or strangle seeds of those with the clips. When you put the collar the first time make him lots of cuddles and let it play a lot, tell him good or good. Play with a few tens of minutes. Eventually Take off the collar and the end of the games. Continue in this way with the formula collar game. Then go very gradually and quietly to the formula collar and food. Take the hot dogs to beef if you find them or chicken / turkey, I recommend not pork because much fat. Cut the sausage into 4 parts for long so get 4 long strips like the same hot dogs; we say we do 1 4 frankfurters. Take one of four hot dogs end and shake it in front of the puppy backing. The puppy will be attracted by this little worm succulent. Let them make a path made of right angles (5 meters then change path 90 degrees, other 5 meters and so on). For the first time give him some pieces of sausage little ones every meter or two. If the puppy does not respond much to try afternoon after holding it a bit 'fasting. You will come to a point where the puppy attracted by food will follow. MI recommend agitated the piece before him do not let the small piece of sausage static. Have you a hand? Shake it. And now comes the fun part. Leash obvious not leather but a string cordella in mild and light that you can tie to the neck, a piece of rope purchased anywhere obvious with maximum diameter 2/3 mm. Do the same exercise with the leash pulled and try also with the leash on the ground to see if the dog behaves better. To do these exercises maybe bring in a new place, the ideal would be a sunny spring or autumn so that your Shiba Inu puppy is encouraged to move to the new smells, sounds or insects at home knows by heart. You will come to a point where your dog follows you alone without tidbit. Let him go where he wants her to understand that the collar and the leash is not a bad thing. If at some point you decide to change direction and he sits down, try to pull it slightly, slightly please. If none of it to take it weight and bring in the new direction in the arm for 5 to 10 meters and then put it back on the ground, reward him with food and lots of hill and bravo bravo and continue with your journey. The sit is a challenge that will spear, he wants to have the command. You have to let him know that you are in control and how he foot down is useless. If foot down very often, I recommend using the harness and collar for the first few times. So you pull in the new direction calmly and maybe many cuddles and praising him when he shows condescending about. This is the only way to go to make a puppy on a leash and to avoid future problems. The secret? Having a Shiba Inu is like having a small child, the same identical. Treat him like a son and not a dog.

With the Shiba must have CALM AND PATIENCE
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First being impossible not to cuddle the bear's impersonation Trudy. Do not get caught up in the mania of neo parent who buys the world for the new baby. You save money because you need two balls, a braid and your time. The braid is the object that I use to make it do what I want, to give motivation to the dog. For example, if I ask him to come here from mè and Shiba Inu is the other side of the garden, to motivate him to move use the braid. So I take the braid and call him. If it is not because he has nothing else to do I show the braid and he comes like a missile. At this point we play with him making him bite the braid and trying to take it off carefully, to avoid damaging the teeth. Obvious that when you call, you must use the same command, see "back" or "come". The braid is to use even in training when the dog is tired or when he did an exercise done well as praise. And the two balls? And here comes the fun part. You have two tennis balls? Well I'm sorry to tell you but being an intelligent dog sport is to strip the ball from the yellow part and made this disintegrate inside the ball. And it just so. The stripped of everything and then blow. So head over to a pet store and ask for a hard rubber ball that is hard to destroy even if it is difficult to find. The only thing is that the broken part not ingest it always for the speech that is not an idiot but very intelligent dog. Having said that you have to throw the first ball, the Shiba Inu takes it up and comes toward you, with the second ball you have to draw the attention of the dog, pull the second ball he punctually Adra to resume, and in the meantime you resume sooner than later you raise when you riportarà the second ball thrown. Advice, visit a tennis club and ask if you put aside the balls that do not use anymore. For pity the owners head to with your puppy and I guarantee that you will have free bags of balls that he break with very, very pleased.

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