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Shiba Inu Price

The recovery of the costs of the sale of a puppy is proportional to those incurred for its growth and maintenance of the structure. The cost varies from property to breeder based on the costs of purchasing Shiba for quality, lines, samples. Puppies weaning procedures and bureaucratic expensive (from weaning to the microchip pedigree to finish to vaccines). In economics is not 'can keep these dogs and the characteristics of the breed; who does it 'creates damages that fall to end user. Before coupling analyzes the specific character and morphology of individual subjects to compensate for the defects with the merits.Parents should also be officially paneled and elbows and passing the judgment of competent courts or ENCI FCI. We feel Recommend:
1) do not look for the price, but the Shiba Inu, which is not bad, with long faces or skinny. I often see those photographs on sites that are really worth
2) All sellers offer "an opportunity", but in economics take home only "disappointments".
3) If you buy a purebred dog underpriced, the possibility that the puppy is not pure and 'high. Beware of genetic diseases: heart, weak ligaments, undershot, overshot and the famous dysplasia, the most serious of all.
Consider that operate for defects such as hip dysplasia start from € 600 to € 2,000. Many puppies "imported" with false preventive vaccines and because of viral strains, die in a few days / months. Excuse my frankness but all we took our disappointments and today we are very careful and scrupulous to avoid bad experiences to others.

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Shiba Supplements

There are many types and brands but personally for me the best brand is the CANINA. This brand is not easy to find in the national territory; Consider that in Germany at a price 50% lower than the Italian market. To retrieve it at a reasonable price I recommend you order products directly from the site of Canina medpets (search on google medpets canivita). Medpets is an online pharmacy serious and with great prices. I order often from this site because the prices are great.I recommend also taking the Canivita that is nothing more than a multi vitamin supplement use in need (stress, fatigue, little attention dog or females who are pregnant or lactating). The Shiba appreciate it very much and it just a teaspoon, that your Shiba will lick with pleasure. For the joints is the Canhydrox GAG always the dog and for the health of your Shiba is the GAG ​​PetVital.These products are useful and not useful? Good question but if they are recommended and used by the best international handler in confidence I think they do evil. Of course you can not expect your Shiba becomes a World Champion only using these products :-)