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Abstract: In this article we describe our ideas but we do not want to replace with any veterinarian or nutritionist. You Always consult your veterinarian. The Shiba is not an alien but a dog like other dogs. If you listen to the vet will tell you to give it the excellent food and he will suggest the brand and also the line. If you read on the internet you will find incredible recipes, people who suggest the riccette that when I read for the first time I got scared. For now I will just tell you that in theory in the feed are all proteins and carbohydrates and vitamins that your dog needs. It is not that the Shiba Inu, like all dogs likes very much feed, but I guarantee that eventually eats it. You choose the excellent food and not purchased 3x2 offers special price at the supermarket that are usually feed of second grade or third (or have short expiration date), although they have the same brand and the same parcel of your habitual. If you opt for the more convenient formula, that of the feed, there is no concept of "the poor do a little bit of meat on the bone or give him more." If you give the meat then why not ask for a few days will not eat more feed. The Shiba is a dog dated over 2000 years ago that in nature has always eaten meat vegetables fruit. And as if you togliessero bread and pasta and you seek to pass freeze-dried food. Try laying a mixing bowl of kibble and a mixing bowl of ground beef and see what we eat and what to discard. For those who did not know the arduous answer obvious that eats meat. Saw this and for an ethical and moral, I chose to use the croquettes as integration. Let's say the target from 6 months is about 180g a day of food divided into: 70g of meat served in a separate bowl and not mixed with anything (only the best meat cooked or blanched for 3/5 minutes even with the microwave that recent research does not eliminate the nutritional values ​​of the food). Then I would say fruit 10g or 20g (see chopped peeled apple, banana, cherries, walnuts, watermelon, melon, gold drops), other 10gr or 20gr of boiled vegetables like zucchini, carrots, eggplant. The remaining weight is always food available in a bowl next to the water. Here too the vets will tell you that it is totally wrong and if you have to tell the struggles that I did with my vet is not just a book. Obviously not every day that I peel the apple cook the carrot. If today I cooked vegetables give him the vegetables, the fruit because I or my dad we eat every day, when I peel the harbor his ration. I try to feed him during the day a bit 'of everything if I can. At the very least he always feed if you really just do not have time. To give an example of a typical day: - The morning shift water and put 80g / 100g of food always available. - Noon I give 70g of meat and change the water. - Evening I give the fruit or vegetables for about 20gr and change the water to drink. Or when you do not have much time: - Morning shift water and possibly put it on two separate bowls (because it has at least one accidentally flips the other), 80g / 100g of feed and 70g of meat. - Change the drinking water / 20 g of fruit or vegetables when you have availability.

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Shiba Inu Food

First, everything you read on my site is the result of my experience. Always refer to your veterinarian. My tips are pure adduct that I daily. I for my Shiba use the Royal Giant 15kg. It is the Royal Giant that for large dogs. 60 € will take about six months giving it as I do 100gr per day + meat + vegetables. 120 € per year you are perfect. For puppies from 2 to 5 months you can use the line for Royal puppies or take croquettes Giant, put it in a cloth and well locked up with a rock or something hard smash the croquettes. Now serve the puppy. I personally use this method so that others have the same feed with the same composition of the Giant. Try to take a lot of Giant and Royal Junior and read the ingredients; are the same. Obvious that for commercial reasons make the croquette larger the smaller one. I feed my Shiba Inu with Giant already for three months, from Junior to Giant. No they are not stingy is that I noticed that with the Giant Shiba chew and chew thoroughly, then uses all the muscles of the face to chew. The teeth are whiter and are almost never dirty but especially the dog eats and chews, does not suck like it was a vacuum cleaner. Obviously the brands of feed there are many, my vet continues to suggest the strength of 10 Sanipet I state that I have never used that finding is well with Royal Canin and seeing that the largest breeders of Shiba Inu use Royal Canin, continuation I also with Royal Canin.

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Why my Shiba Inu does not eat the food.

Great dilemma of all. If the dog is healthy eating also barely feed. Let them alone bowl of feed for 10 minutes then riproponetela the next day. Check who has not eaten the other maybe seasonal fruit if you have fruit trees in the perimeter where the dog resides. Obviously this is better to control the look of the stool next day. If your dog eats meat or similar foods then it's hard to go back to just feed. One thing not to do is to mix meat with feed. Never do. Always two separate bowls; never together in the same bowl. Rather, add the olive oil that reciclate from tuna cans to savor the food in case of loss of appetite of the Shiba, obvious a teaspoon. If you give him the puppy food because surely the breeder has used well. If you want to give him meat cook well, 50 grams maximum but only from 3 months old. Obvious that if the shiba inu does not eat for a few days can also be a problem of indigestion that often happens in puppies because they are greedy and greedy. The fact is that if your adult Shiba does not eat for 2-3 days, head to the vet. For puppies causes can be many, see worms or indigestion. Go to the vet right away if you have a puppy. Better to go there twice more that do damage to the puppy.

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